Monday, September 19, 2011

Idolizing Celebrities

Miller, Alison. “Idolizing Celebrities Negatively Affects Teenagers’ Self-images.” Gather, 20 Oct. 2008. Web. 19 Sept. 2011.

Alison Miller addresses the issue of young children and teens idolizing celebrities.  She touches on the fact that this has been occurring since the beginning of time.  Young children, once reaching a certain age, begin to follow their favorite celebs.  The problem with this is that many of the idolized celebrities display negative behavior that has an effect on the behavior of their young fans.  Miller directs her article towards the entire human race but specifically parents of teens and teens themselves.  Her intent is to explain how important it is for young children and teens to look up to and idolize people who display positive behavior and actions.  Miller focuses on the variety of problems that a number of celebrities become familiar with throughout their lifetime, from alcohol and drug addiction to eating disorders.  As children begin to follow stars at a young age, they strive to become more and more like them as the years progress.  Although Miller supports her opinion by giving examples of how celebrities negatively affect teenage behavior, the opposing side’s views are absent.  Overall, this article is interesting but remains very “one sided”.  It gives valid examples of celebrities’ faults but fails to provide some of their positive traits.  Although I do agree with Miller’s general opinion, I believe not all celebrities have those negative characteristics.  Some truly can be good role models and promote good decisions in life.  I may not have a so-called “celebrity idol” but this topic did interest me.  I feel that with more research including the opinions of an opposing side, this topic would be a possibility for me to argue about.  I’m sure several of my classmates would also find interest in this topic seeing that a majority of us are up to date with the newest and most popular celebs.

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